Artori is a meticulously curated art collection that caters to the discerning tastes of interior designers and vintage enthusiasts who appreciate moody artwork. 

With an intentional selection process, each piece in the Artori collection is thoughtfully chosen to complement one another. This makes it effortless for individuals to curate their very own art collection that is both cohesive and visually stunning.

The affordability of the Artori collection ensures that creating a captivating space filled with refined art is accessible to everyone, allowing interior designers to effortlessly elevate the home of their clients or art lovers the opportunities to curate their own collections.

April Zelenka, the founder and designer behind Artori, has a truly contagious passion for vintage art. Her love for pieces with rich, moody colors and tones that evoke deep emotions is apparent in her unique designs.

Her ability to mix different styles with refined art creates a truly elevated space that stands out. Her passion for artistry and eye for design make her a true visionary in the art world, and her work through Artori is a testament to that.